Model S80-1

The TLX UNI is a very powerful and versatile video surveillance system for stationary use in the most difficult conditions without power and network connection.


Model S120-1

The TLX UNI MAX is the professional HIGH-END system and has outstanding reliability with many expansion options. The model is suitable for still, thermal and tiltable surveillance cameras with high requirements.

The completely self-sufficient high-end surveillance unit

The TLX UNI and TLX UNI MAX are a very powerful and versatile video surveillance system for stationary use in the most difficult conditions without power and network connection. The system is equipped with a large rechargeable battery and an efficient monocrystalline solar panel, thus a swiveling camera, sirens, strobe light or multiple still cameras can be reliably powered. The built-in LTE industrial router enables fast and reliable control of all installed components. Upon customer request, the system can also be supplied with insulation for use in cold locations. But that is not all: We offer the option to extend our systems TLX UNI as well as TLX UNI MAX, with a thermal imaging or time-lapse camera.




The system is equipped with a wide variety of HIGH-END cameras, including still, thermal and swiveling surveillance cameras. The various models feature night vision as standard as well as optional analysis functions through the use of artificial intelligence. This technology enables reliable detection of people and vehicles. Furthermore, loudspeaker, microphone, flash light, siren and switching sensors can be connected to the camera.


The high-quality solar panel (PV - photovoltaic module) charges the battery and supplies the system with power during the day. The monocrystalline technology of the module guarantees high performance and durability.

Control Box

The powerful battery supplies the system with sufficient voltage day and night.

The intelligent charge controller charges the battery in a temperature-adjusted and cycle-preserving manner. In contrast to conventional charge controllers, the charge controller has a very high efficiency.


water resistant


Incredibly fast connection

With a super-fast cellular connection via LTE or a W-LAN bridge connection, the system can be connected to the Internet.  


The cellular connection allows the system to be used in any location where cellular reception is available. By using LTE+, the router connects to two cell towers to get a dual connection. This makes outages almost impossible.


With the optional W-LAN Bridge instead of the cellular router, you can establish a wireless connection to an existing network. This establishes a very strong W-LAN connection between the solar system and the transmitter. A clear advantage is that the camera is directly logged into the internal network.


As stable as the TLX UNI itself is, so are the included pole mounts for the camera, the box and the solar panel. The assembly can be implemented with two people in no time and requires few steps. As soon as the TLX UNI is mounted and the SIM card is inserted, you can access the live image of the cameras via the app on your smartphone or computer.

Application examples







Various cameras for ideal use.

Explore TLX UNI accessories.


Our cameras have high security so that really only you can access the live image. Besides, other setting options like https, VPN, port forwarding and many more are possible.


With the help of mobile apps or a program on your computer, you have worldwide access to your surveillance system and can take a look at live images and secured recordings at any time. Smart event monitoring software can trigger alarms in real time and send them to your cell phone.

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Environmental protection

As a development company, we ensure that the manufacturing process of our products is as environmentally friendly and resource-optimized as possible. Already during the development of new products, we make sure that environmentally friendly components are used. Aspects such as service life, production and quality are taken into consideration.

  • Long life components

  • Resource-optimized manufacturing process

  • Widely recyclable

  • Optimized charging of the battery for increased service life

  • Energy efficient system

  • 100% Sun-Energy




80AH Battery, 100Watt Solar Power, with 4MP Basic Bullet Camera

from 2200,00 €



80AH Battery, 155Watt Solar Power, with 4MP Basic Bullet Camera

from 2300,00 €

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