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TLX specializes in the development, programming and installation of customized video surveillance systems, access control units as well as special applications. We attach great importance to individual and project-specific implementation, and our customers especially appreciate our experience in special orders and custom-made products.

CCTV Cameras



TLX offers special products in the field of stand-alone video surveillance and mobile security technology.

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Innovations for a smart and safe world.

Compared to traditional sensor-based alarm systems, a surveillance system using cameras has several advantages: the ability to observe events in real time, identify key data about those events, and provide solid and accurate evidence for law enforcement.

Artificial Intelligence

Person- and vehicle detection.

Worldwide access to the live image.

Solar-powered Video Surveillance

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Professional, mobile and self-sufficient video surveillance.

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Professional Solar Surveillance

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Inexpensive Solar Surveillance.

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Mobile Surveillance

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Railway Controlling

Train off, with more security.

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Person detection

Precise detection is possible with the help of person recognition. In most cases, cameras are not able to distinguish animals from humans, resulting in false alarms. With our products we are able to limit these false alarms.

Vehicle detection

Vehicle detection is able to focus on cars. This technology allows precise alerting or tracking of unauthorized vehicles.

Artificial intelligence

With the help of AI (artificial intelligence), many individual programming and extensions are possible. For example, speakers and lights can be controlled automatically via the camera system.

Secure connection

The systems have high security requirements, which only allow access to authorized persons through various internal control units.  Setting options such as https, VPN, port forwarding and many more are also possible.

Cloud storage

Video recordings and images from the surveillance camera can optionally be stored on a cloud in addition to internal or server storage.

Remote connection

Remote access makes it possible to look at live images and saved recordings at any time. Furthermore, notifications and alarms of the camera system can be managed. Access is possible via cell phone, computer or tablet.

Internal storage

Internal storage of video footage is standard in all of our cameras. And is an additional protection to the cloud and server backup.